Festival life

Relive momunemtal moments and unforgettable highlights from a historic year

As the holidays are closing in and 2023 is approaching, we are taking a look back at a year that has been unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Thanks to all our volunteers, participants and partners, 2022 showered us in a myriad of unforgettable moments. We've compiled all the monumental events from the past year in Danish in a segment we're calling A historic year.

Because 2022 has been exactly that. Take a look for yourself in our video.

Reunited at the festival site, we felt the importance of what we do. And it was clearer than ever that we have an important task in creating a space for young people.

We also look back at several other activities our festival community has undertaken in the past year: From the second edition of GRASP—our creative conference in late September—to the numerous events we have been a part of in RF Experience. 

We have been able to make a difference for a lot of people this year: those who had a great festival experience, but also all our collaborating associations and organizations who benefit from the profits from our activities.

You have made a change

Through the support from our partners, participants and volunteers, we have made significant progress this year. At Roskilde Festival 2022, our waste managers handled around 500 tonnes less waste compared to the festival in 2019. This amounts to a reduction of approximately 25 percent!

The biggest reduction came in the camping areas following the festival. So to all of you who cleared your camps and brought all the gear back home: THANK YOU!

Together with the stalls, we collected around 23 tonnes of plastic and food and drink cartons for recycling. We collected 82 tons of wood for recycling, while 22 tonnes of wood went for recycling through a collaboration with Stark's initiative Gentræ.

We are extremely motivated to build on this and return stronger than ever before in 2023. A huge thanks for helping us through a difficult time and all the way back to the festival site.

We can't wait to see you in 2023!