Festival life
The festival's artistic director points out landmarks for you to keep an eye on.

By Anders Madsen, volunteer at Roskilde Festival's media house

With the help of the festival's artistic director, Signe Brink Wehl, we guide you to some of the unique landmarks that you can experience and use as reference points to navigate. 

A luminous message of understanding 

"In Camping West, we have installed the large luminous artwork 'Understanding,' which was supposed to be at the festival in 2020 but didn't make it. Besides being an experience in itself, it serves as a meeting point and a significant, spacious landmark with its message of understanding across who we are. It also doubles as a seating platform where people can gather." 

A piazza in the festival city 

"I would also highlight Claudia Comte's monumental sculpture 'ME WE,' which is still a very strong landmark located in Camping East and is complemented this year by Katharina Grosse's dance floor, 'Destroy Me Once, Destroy Me Twice.' Although it doesn't tower above, it is still a gathering place." 

"Even though it is both a dance floor and a painting, I really feel it has taken on a piazza-like character and become a square in the city where people gather. There are also plenty of activities such as dance shows to participate in, curated DJ parties, and, of course, the audience's own celebrations!" 

The historical axis 

"Last year, we reopened the entrance behind the Orange Stage to the public, opening up the festival grounds towards the city. Along this main road or axis, which essentially stretches from the camping area down to Roskilde, a series of giant high lamps have been set up, forming a flag-lined avenue. It looks stunning, especially in the evening." 

The festival's cathedral  

"And let's not forget that the Orange Stage is the ultimate landmark. The cathedral that gathers up to 60,000 people in front of the stage. It's what we all navigate by, throughout the year and across all platforms."