Festival life
The man who has been involved in booking all the music for this year's festival guides you on how to make the most of your last day and what you should experience. 

By Marie Hvingelby, volunteer at Roskilde Festival's media house

As our Head of Music, Thomas Jepsen has been involved in booking all the acts you have been looking forward to seeing and hearing at this year's festival. We have asked Thomas Jepsen to guide you through the very last day of the festival: 

"Begin the day getting in touch with yourself and your energy level. Head to Eos and see Fulu Miziki - a band from Congo that makes all their instruments from trash and discarded objects. I think it will be a really lovely experience." 

Thomas Jepsen, Roskilde Festival's head of music

After that, according to Thomas Jepsen, the next stop should be Avalon at 16:00, where Weyes Blood will be performing, followed by Brazilian artist Liniker at 18:30 on Gaia. An hour and a half later, you are invited to an amapiano party at Apollo, with TXC and Uncle Waffle. 

"And if you haven't already, make sure to visit Platform, which is one of our newest stages, and experience Clarissa Conelly, who performs a very special rendition of traditional Irish folk music. Platform is a space where you can sit and take it all in, retreat, or enter the space if you feel like it." 

But even though Saturday's program allows for tranquility and immersion, the day should end with a bang. 

"I can't ignore the fact that no matter how many energy drinks it takes, I have to be ready for Lizzo at Orange and then head over to Apollo for Two Shell."