Festival life

Massive pop parties. Radical live shows. Unrestrained artistic virtuosity. The newest sounds and your next musical crush. All this can be found among the 44 First Days acts that we can unveil today

Roskilde Festival's First Days programme is like a large, shimmering crystal ball. In it, you can see and hear the future, the most important movements, and, not least, the fresh new stars of tomorrow – all gathered in one place.

Today, we are presenting the names of the 44 music acts that will kick off Roskilde Festival 2023 with new ideas and stellar performances. All 44 names will make their debut at Roskilde Festival this summer, and it is certain that many of them will soon be found on even bigger stages – both at and outside Roskilde Festival.

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The overall festival program would not be the same without these 44 musicians, who are sure to make you dream and explore new musical ecstasies. Perhaps your new idol is waiting for you right here! In any case, you can warm up by diving into the 44 names right here:

Agnes Hartwich (DK) • Angstskrig (DK) • Aperly High (DK) • Ash Olsen (NO) • August Høyen (DK) • Baloosh (DK) • Dejah Makar (DK) • Deki Alem (SE) • Dibset + Kundo + Merro8 (DK) • Evil House Party (DK) • Excelsior (DK) • Feather Mountain (DK) • Giift (DK) • Girl Scout (SE) • Gorgeous (DK) • Heathe (DK) • Ida Laurberg (DK) • Kalaset (DK) • Kind Mod Kind (DK) • Kindsight (DK) • Kleo (DK) • Mas (DK) • Nakkeknaekker (DK) • Namasenda (SE) • Nausia (DK) • Neon Priest (DK) • Pil (DK) • Pleaser (DK) • Selina Gin (DK) • Situationsfornærmelse (DK) • Sonic Girl (DK) • Stundom (DK) • Sulka (DK) • Tacobitch (NO) • Tarick (DK) • Tarrak (GL) • Tender Youth (DK) • Tuhaf (DK) • Undergrunn (NO) • Ussel (DK) • Yukka (INT) • Zar Paulo (DK)

Today's announcement also kicks off a wild and wonderful week. On Thursday at 9:00 AM, we will reveal the complete music program for Roskilde Festival 2023, so stay close!