The art at this year’s Roskilde Festival invites new dreams and hopes for the future. Today, we reveal some of the artists and performers who will be part of the program at Roskilde Festival 2023.

Huge textiles, dance performances, dark and abstract paintings, sound, scenography and installations.

The first four visual artists and performers within this year’s programme work with different materials and expressions, but they all concentrate on creating a space for the vulnerable, forming strong and diverse communities and contributing with new perspectives on future challenges.

Acclaimed choreographer puts a spotlight on marginalization
One of the artists that you can meet is the renowned performer and choreographer Marikiscrycrycry, who was mentioned on Forbes' list '30 under 30' in 2022 for their contribution to the development of dance in Europe.  

At this year's festival, they present the new piece 'DARK, HAPPY, TO THE CORE' that has been specially made for Platform, our venue for boundary-pushing hybrid art. A team of international dancers will participate in the breathtaking, fascinating and thought-provoking performance about gender, race, and sexuality.  

Gender, body and lust are also the focal point of the great, dark painting that Kinga Bartis will do on Gloria’s exterior wall. In the abstract artwork bodies and figures flow and evolve into new organisms and combinations and norms, hierarchies and categories dissolve. 

Immersive installation creates a space for vulnerability
If you walk into Gloria’s raw and industrial hall you will find yourself in the middle of the meditative and immersive installation by Lise Haller Baggesen. Surrounded by large textiles, sound and dancers in expressive costumes, you will be invited to explore the psyche. 

Inspired by Danish artist Caroline Ebbesen who spent much of her life at a psychiatric hospital in Roskilde, Lise Haller Baggesen has made a welcoming, embracing and caring universe that blurs and challenges the boundaries of what is categorized as the so-called "normal". 

At Platform, visual artist, dancer, and musician Daria Blum zooms in on the construction of emotions and identity in contemporary media and pop culture. Using video projections, hyper pop, dance and stereotypical characters, she creates an intense inferno where emotions are enlarged, examined, and exposed.   

Today, we have also added 34 music acts to this year’s programme. Head here to read more about this.

Tickets are on sale 
Roskilde Festival 2023 takes place from 24 June to 1 July, and tickets are on sale. 

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