Festival life

Whether you're looking for life-affirming highlife, a monumental pop show or a twerk party out of this world, we have just the thing for you in our 19 new additions to the Roskilde Festival 2023 program.

Buckle up and head for a ride with us as we take a closer look at five acts who will be sure to create a euphoric, liberating and powerful experience next summer.

Tobias Rahim

"We'll be making history in Arena", proclaimed Danish pop megastar Tobias Rahim, referring to his first ever show at Roskilde Festival in 2022. Naturally, thousands and thousands of Roskilde guests witnessed history in the making as the Arena stage was tested beyond its capacity, when Rahim proved his position as Denmark's number one hit-maker right now.

This monumental Arena experience begs the question: Can he do it again in 2023? See for yourself as Tobias Rahim moves to Orange Stage this summer and surely sparks yet another party.

Tove Lo

For many years, Roskilde Festival and Swedish pop phenomenons have had a glorious thing together. 2023 will be no different when Tove Lo sets foot in Arena with a brazen take on pop.

The sex positive attitude is backed by a solid flair for pop bangers which put her in the category of superb Swedish pop songwriters and producers. On her fifth album, Dirt Femme, Tove Lo displays vulnerability and power with a sexy, smart and most of all fun demeanour, and this is exactly what you can expext when she brings the party to Roskilde Festival. So do not look any further for next year's big Swedish pop event. It is right here!

Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold has quickly become a hot name on the modern afro pop scene with captivating music that combines West African highlife, afrobeat and a global R&B sound. He gained recognition from his very first release, "Sade", and his new and fourth album Catch Me If You Can from 2022 stresses his position as a leading force on the African pop scene.

You can look forward to an artist who effortlessly blends groovy rhythms and powerful vocal hooks with energy and charm in a captivating fusion of African traditions and contemporary urban pop. For sure it will be a 24 carat party.   

Big Freedia

Get ready for positive and heavy vibrations as the queen of bounce-hiphop, Big Freedia, sends shock waves through the air with a gigantic twerk party. Following a string of hit singles in the mid-2000's, Big Freedia gained a cult following and also became notorious for her shows that turned into wild twerk parties. In fact, in 2013 she was included in Guinness World Records with a massive twerking event in New York.

Big Freedia has left a mark that transcends butt-shaking record attempts. None other than Beyonce has sampled Big Freedia on her hit single "Formations" and they even collaborated on the inescapable "Break My Soul" in 2022—lest we forget, she joined forces with Kesha on "Raising Hell", yet another hit. You might wanna practise your twerk moves before the summer!

Sudan Archives

By twisting R&B melodies, West African music culture, and electronic club beats, Sudan Archives has taken the world by storm with a truly visionary mix of soul, hip hop, avant-garde, jazz and pop. Have you heard her new album Natural Brown Prom Queen from 2022 yet? If not, you're in for a ride.

Armed with her signature instrument, the violin, she builds a sonic environment where liberation, dancing, and indomitable confidence is thriving. Everyone is invited!