An awesome and experienced festival veteran guides you to a safe and sound festival week

We're off! It's Saturday, the opening day of the festival, and endorphins are surely bubbling in your body. But it can also be overwhelming to set up camp in a city that goes from 0 to 100,000 in no time.

Fear not! Here you can meet Aya Mortag Freund, team leader of the festival's Social Workers, providing mental first aid to those in need. Aya is an experienced festival veteran, and here she shares her best festival tips.

"It's an extreme sport to be at a festival, and you become physically exhausted. It can intensify emotions even more", says Aya Mortag Freund, head of our social workers.

1: Take your breaks

"You quickly get the feeling that you have to experience everything all the time. However, the experience shows that you'll have a much better and more enjoyable festival if you occasionally give yourself a little break. Maybe you sit and watch passersby, perhaps you enjoy some delicious food with a friend, and maybe you also take a little break from alcohol."

2: Be aware of how you feel

"Allow yourself to tune in to your gut and find some peace, so you can be sure that you're okay with what's happening around you, or if you need a break."

3: Familiarize yourself with where you can receive help

"Find out who is responsible for the safety of your area. If you need medical assistance from the medics or psychological support from a social worker, contact the emergency office at 70 120 112."

4: Expect all emotions to be heightened

"This applies to joy, but it also applies if you get upset. It's an extreme sport to be at a festival, and you become physically exhausted. It can intensify emotions even more. So make sure to rest and take care of yourself."

5: Explore the campsite

"Get out of your camp. There are truly many exciting camping areas, art projects, graffiti, and different kinds of food. Try new things. We've created the best framework for curiosity."

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