Activists from The Green Youth Movement, Fridays for Future Denmark; YoungEnergy and LGBT+ Denmark will engage you in the climate fight and LGBT+ rights. See where you can meet our activist-caravan.

We have gathered a collective of activists from The Green Youth Movement, Fridays For Future Danmark, UngEnergi and LGBT+ Danmark.

Together we will engage you and several other young people in some of the most important agendas of our time – the climate fight and LGBT+ rights.

First stop was this year’s Roskilde Festival.

Here you could listen, discuss, party and become wiser with a multitude of activists, musicians, authors and dancers in the assembly space Flokkr at the camping site.

But we are far from done!

Now the activists will go on tour in the caravan. They will inspire you and your friends to use your democratic right to make a social change and a more sustainable future.

You can become a part of the caravan and experience how art, activism and creative outputs works as a catalyst for democratic engagement at these three events:

  • The Peoples Meeting at Møn (Folkemøde på Møn):
    Go on a future journey with The Green Youth Movement, talk about safer spaces together with LGBT+ Denmark and use your green voice in Fridays For Future Denmark’s interactive art installation. Meet us in Stege at Møn the 19th of August.
  • The Youth’s People Meeting (Ungdommens Folkemøde):
    Get climate-first aid for your everyday life by YoungEnergy, yell your frustrations of advertises that causes harm to the climate into The Green Youth Movement’s “Yellbox”, write your hopes for the future on the art installation “The Love Tree” with Fridays For Future Denmark, and participate in creating safer spaces with LGBT+ Denmark. Meet us at Valbyparken the 7th and 8th of September.
  • GRASP:
    Engage yourself in the questions regarding safer spaces with LGBT+ Denmark and become more informed about intersectional climate crisis with The Green Youth Movement and Emma Holten. YoungEnergy will serve first aid for your everyday life, while Fridays For Future will create future hopes with the installation “The Love Tree”. Meet us at the Musicon quarter in Roskilde 6th and 7th of October 

It all takes place in the artwork Here Together Kinship, created by the artist duo Baum & Leahy with re- and upcycled materials. It’s a lively and dynamic meeting place for art and activism, created to stimulate fantasy and creativity.

Meet Kristoffer, Tobias, Malaika and Isabelle.
What can we learn from a collective of young activists? What do they have on their mind? And how will they make a difference for the democracy?

Here you can meet Kristoffer, Tobias, Malaika and Isabelle who tell about their voluntary engagement in the movements LGBT+ Denmark, YoungEnergy, The Green Youth Movement and Fridays For Future Denmark.

Flokkr on tour is developed by Roskilde Festival in collaboration with Baum & Leahy, LGBT+ Denmark, YoungEnergy, The Green Youth Movement and Fridays or Future Denmark. The project is supported by CICU – Civil Society in Development, KR Foundation and Danish Arts Foundation.