The experiential venue Food Is Now lets you explore the potentials and possibilities of food through performances, cooking, and debates. See the experiences here

The world's longest seaweed salad. Oyster meditation and seaweed party.

The conflicting stories of tea unfolded through poetry. A quiz about the astonishing sexual diversity of marine animals.

You can experience all this and much more at Food Is Now - a new experiential venue in the Bazaar area that puts food and the sea at the centre.

With Food Is Now, we delve into the mystery of the sea.

While the drastic changes on land and in the air are visible and therefore understandable, life in the ocean is difficult to grasp and imagine.

Without water, there would be no life.

The ocean and water environment are complex and important ecosystems that we need to protect. Water knows no borders, and our choices have consequences for ecosystems beyond Denmark - whether we are talking about fishing, production methods, or consumer behavior.

You can experience food in completely new ways and learn more about the secrets and fantastic taste universe of the ocean through art, performances, workshops, talks, and innovative gastronomy - often mixed together!

We also use Food Is Now to push our own and society's habits and development. Because the green transition does not have to compromise on taste, quality, price, and carbon footprint.

Here are some of experience for you to taste and be moved by at Food Is Now:

Food workshop – Everything nice from the sea

When? June 29th, 12:30.

Seaweed is not just something you step on at the beach or find in your beer. Non-profit organization Tænketanken Frej, which works to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas to ensure an interdisciplinary movement towards creating a more sustainable food market, will make you wiser about the different qualities of seaweed and how it can be used in the kitchen.

Bring your friends and try making seaweed chips, seaweed pesto, pickled seaweed, seaweed salt and much more with expert help from Tænketanken Frej. Or grab a fishing rod, catch a canned fish and see if you can taste the difference between sardines and mackerel blindfolded.

Ceremony for Ocean Quahog

When? July 1st, 12:30.

What can the Ocean Quahog tell us about the changes in saltwater over the past 500 years? What can we learn about living and dying while taking care of each other and our planet?

Experience the connection to this 500-year-old creature, deeply buried in the seabed and filtering the water. Behind the ceremony, you'll find Bureau for Mellemartslig Kommunikation (‘Bureau for Interspecies Communication’), who strives to create emotional relationships, better understanding, and empathy between humans and other species.

Through artistic practices, they create spaces where communities can evolve across species and attempt to redefine what humans experience as kinship.

The Ceremony the Ocean Quahog is created in collaboration with glass artist Karen Nyholm and with support from the Roskilde Festival Foundation and Syddjurs Municipality.

The world's longest seaweed salat with Baka d’ Busk

When? June 28th, 17.30-20.00

Plantedrengene, or Plant boys in English, from the critically acclaimed restaurant in Nørrebro, kick off Food Is Now with a solid seaweed celebration. The mantra for this special culinary experience is that seaweed can be used for much more than you would think.

Need just one example? The seaweed salad is served on edible tablecloths made of... you guessed it, seaweed!

Tickets for World's Longest Seaweed Salad cost 65 DKK. Get your ticket now.


When? June 29th, 4:30-5:30 PM

Experience the well-known sushi bowl in a way you've never tried before. Sushi chef Jesper Mikkelsen from the restaurant Nokk presents his take on a sushi bowl made from 100% Danish organic ingredients, and together with Fiskerikajen, he will talk about the process of translating Japanese cuisine into Danish and the importance of choosing local ingredients and eating sustainably caught fish during the dinner.

Tickets for the dinner cost 120 DKK. Get your ticket now.



Have a seaweed party with Gro Selv

When? June 30th, 12:30-14:00

Get your taste buds stimulated, thirst quenched, and creativity awakened through a culmination of experiences from performance art to foraging dinner.

The fantastic chefs from Amalie & Flora's Dinners offer a delicious lunch made from seaweed from Roskilde Fjord, while artists Rosa Jaranovic, Villblomst Ettrup Bille, and Olivia Vidovic from the collective Final Planet add a finishing touch by processing the many impressions of the seaweed party into an interactive, meditative performance.

Tickets for the lunch cost 75 DKK. Get your ticket here.

Matt Orlando

When? June 30, 18.30-19.30

Use your hands and eat the whole fish. That's the message from internationally renowned chef Matt Orlando, who will be serving a casual communal dinner at Food Is Now, while talking about the nutritional potential of food waste.

The dinner is created in collaboration with Fiskerikajen, who will also talk about the path towards a more sustainable fishing industry during the communal meal.

Tickets for the dinner cost 150 kroner and can be purchased here.

Marie Hertz

On the festival's last day, Marie Hertz and her dedicated food artisans grill fresh and sustainably caught flounders and serve them with newly dug potatoes.

Read more about the entire experience here. Tickets cost 110 kroner and can be purchased at the entrance to Food Is Now on the day.

All of this is just a modest taste of everything that unfolds at Food Is Now. Dive into the entire Food Is Now program in our comprehensive schedule for this year's festival, which we have just released today.