Calories equivalent to a large cheeseburger and a hearty serving of fries. That's how much your body burns when you dance your way through a concert. So we're not exaggerating when we say that you're doing your body a great favor when you attend a festival.

By Marie Hvingelby, media volunteer at Roskilde Festival

But did you know that there are many other ways to get your heart rate up at Roskilde Festival? Take a trip to Stadion in the West – what we previously called GAME – and sweat out yesterday's hangover with football, yoga, a bike ride, or a dance-off.

"Your body benefits from doing something other than sitting in a camping chair, so you can come and take an active break at Stadion," says Camilla Milvang Grønager, who has curated the program at Stadion, and she assures you that everyone is welcome, and only a few activities require registration.

Camilla Milvang Grønager, Stadion curator

Festival tickets up for grabs
But if you want to compete for a full festival pass for next year's festival in one of the tournaments at Stadion, you should take five minutes out of your Sunday or Monday morning and sign up at the booth in the Stadion building.

"Your body will thank you. You always feel great after exercising, and there's also a great sense of community at a festival, where you have so many experiences together – especially the ones you didn't expect to create together."

Retired stardust over Stadion
If you overslept and missed the morning workout or if you have a bit of a headache preventing you from securing the victory with a header, you can also get your heart rate up by watching old football legends at Roskilde Festival.

"As something new this year, we have the organization Ombold visiting, which has gathered homeless people who think football is awesome and will play against some former professional football players. It will be fantastic to see how it looks and how the audience receives it."

Stadion is hosting events on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and after that, it will still be possible to borrow balls and use their courts for the rest of the festival week.

You can find the entire Stadion program in the schedule, of course.