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Our graffiti curator provides recommendations for this year's graffiti highlights. 

By Anders Madsen, volunteer at Roskilde Festival's media house

The graffiti at Roskilde is always a great experience. But what should you pay special attention to this year? Graffiti curator Lars Pedersen will guide you. 


Lars Pedersen has the graffiti at Roskilde Festival since 1999.

Features you've never seen before at Roskilde  

"I think you should go into the stables next to the Arena, where we have a huge outdoor graffiti gallery that you can look at and get lost in. The largest artwork we have there is a piece by Aches, an Irish artist who is creating a massive area, a sort of park. And there are some features in that park that you haven't seen before at Roskilde, and they are quite amazing! But apart from Aches, there is a graffiti gallery with 100 artists from around the world who have painted over a kilometer of graffiti and street art that you should come and see." 


Massive gable murals by international artists at Avalon 

"We have also done a lot of decoration down at the Avalon area, on the halls next to Avalon. There, we have a huge selection of international mural artists who typically paint slightly larger works and usually use bucket paint. These artists travel around the world painting large facades, and they have also created the large facades here. You should definitely make a stop there too." 

A graffiti tribute along Fence Walk 

"Something else you should experience is the artwork along Fence Walk, which is this wide 'motorway' that leads from Arena to Orange. Along it, you'll find a 116-meter long and three-meter high artwork created by three artists over the course of two days. It will be a tribute to one of the big artists performing on the Orange Stage this year." 

"And I think it should be a surprise, and people should come and see for themselves if they can figure out who it is. But it's not every day that you can experience a 116-meter artwork dedicated to one of the big names performing on the Orange Stage. I definitely think people should come by, experience it, and take some pictures." 

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Photos by: Thomas Peber Sørensen