Festival life
Whilst the party is going, hundreds of people are collecting cans and bottles for the benefit of you and the planet. 

By Rasmus Løwenstein, media volunteer at Roskilde Festival

When you get through your beer where does it go? Every year 300 people of 15 different nationalities buy tickets to Roskilde Festival solely to collect your pant. 

Since 2016 the Responsible Refund-group has taken care of the refund collectors and created a space where the collectors can relax. Luiza Scalco has been a part of the group from the beginning: 

“When the bottle collectors buy a ticket, they don’t get the same privileges as the regular volunteers who have access to a lounge with comfortable seats and hot showers. That is the reason why we have created this area where they get possibilities to relax and recharge their batteries”, Scalco explains. 

“Collecting bottles is tough physical work and it's a burden for the back to pick up from the ground all day, so we wish to make it a pleasant experience for those who are doing it”  

You might not think about it when the music is playing and the beers go down at the campground, but the refund collectors are playing an important role in getting cans and bottles collected and recycled – and the 50 volunteers in the Responsible Refund group makes a big effort in acknowledging the work they do. Luiza Scalco request the festival guests to do the same: 

“If you are done with a drink, reach out to a collector and ask if they would like the can. Just by being polite and grateful, the collectors feel way more acknowledged and worthy. They make a huge effort for us to have a cleaner and sustainable festival, so remember to thank them for that”.