We have joined forces with Blæst – who will soon be opening the Orange Stage – to donate 500,000 Danish Kroner to headspace. headspace provides counseling children and young people, and with the donation, they will be able to help even more.

”It’s important to receive the help that you need.”

These words are coming from the Danish pop group Blæst, who, along with us, have chosen to donate DKK 500,000 to the free counseling service headspace. headspace is part of the association Det Sociale Netværk and offers mental support to vulnerable children and young people aged 12 to 25.

There are several good reasons why we asked Blæst to designate a donation recipient, and why Blæst specifically chose headspace:

  • We donate our entire profit from the festival to humanitarian and cultural initiatives with a special focus on children and young people.
  • As you might know, Blæst will open the Orange Stage in exactly one week, and once again, we have given a band or musician playing on our largest stage the opportunity to choose a donation recipient
  • Blæst themselves know what it means to be mentally vulnerable and in need of support

Watch how Blæst surprised headspace with the generous donation:

The band members of Blæst themselves experienced stress and the need for professional help to cope with it last fall. That period is also the focal point of their single 'Videre', which was released last Friday. They chose headspace because they believe it is important for more children and young people to have the opportunity to receive help in dealing with mental challenges.

We have the opportunity to reach even more children and young people.

Today, headspace operates 31 centers spread across 28 municipalities, where they offer counseling to children and young people struggling with issues such as loneliness, bullying, gender identity, performance pressure, sadness, or low self-esteem.

The counseling service is run by over 600 volunteers nationwide, and with the donation, they can do even more to enhance the mental well-being of young people.

"A donation like this means that we can open counseling centers in some of the municipalities that do not have the finances to co-fund a local headspace center. It means that we have the opportunity to reach even more children and young people," says Trine Hammershøy, Director of Det Sociale Netværk/headspace Denmark.

Previously, we have given Orange Donations together with Bikstok Røgsystem, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Africa Express, Silvana Imam, and Dua Lipa. Previous recipients include organizations such as Børns Vilkår, Educational Support Services London, and Sind Ungdom.