Festival life
The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) forecasts rain and showers from 14:00 today, which could be heavy with hail, thunder, and strong gusts of wind. Here's what you need to know. 

We always prepare for all types of weather conditions, and we maintain ongoing contact with DMI. Additionally, we have our own meteorologist on board. 

Here is our approach to rain and thunder: 

  • We follow DMI's advice and guidelines during thunderstorms, including avoiding seeking shelter under trees and poles. At the campsite, there are ample safety distances from the poles, and no tents are pitched near them. 
  • During heavy rain, we follow its established procedures and leverage our extensive experience to allocate resources where they are needed. Certain areas are lower than others, so those are prioritized. 
  • Inevitably, mud cannot be entirely avoided when tens of thousands of people gather in rainy weather. Our efforts focus on areas with high concentrations of people and the main thoroughfares, as these are often the places where mud accumulates. 
  • We spread wood chips, straw, and gravel to alleviate muddiness. Additionally, we have machines capable of removing water from specific areas where necessary. 
  • Our area managers are prepared for all weather conditions. For example, we have primary and secondary storage locations near the festival grounds, stocked with machinery and supplies, enabling us to respond when needed. 
  • We are ready to block off MeWe and Understanding, and any other areas if necessary. 

Here are DMI's recommendations for festival participants in the event of thunder: 

  • Seek shelter BEFORE the thunderstorm is directly overhead. 
  • The best shelter is inside a car or bus. If you are in a car and have space for others in your car, please turn on your hazard lights to signal that you have room for them. 
  • On the campsite, a small and low tent is safer than a tall tent with long metal poles. 
  • Do not seek shelter under trees, especially isolated ones, or in a tent beneath a tree. 
  • Avoid touching larger, electrically conductive objects, such as fences, railings, faucets, or devices connected to electrical and telephone networks. 
  • It is reasonably safe to use a mobile phone, but remember that it is an electrically conductive object in your hand. Limit usage to essential needs. 
  • Avoid swimming in open water. 
  • DO NOT lean against the metal poles in the concert tents. In the event of a lightning strike on the festival grounds, these tall metal poles are at high risk of being struck. 
  • Put down any banners and umbrellas to avoid holding a lightning rod. 
  • If the thunderstorm is directly above you and you haven't reached shelter, crouch down with your head between your knees, if possible, without endangering yourself or others. Make yourself as low as possible with minimal contact with the ground surface. 

Our efforts regarding the weather situation are carried out in prioritized sequences. First and foremost, we need to ensure people's safety and that the festival operations can continue, including emptying the toilets, etc. Then we will do our best to make the Roskilde Festival experience enjoyable, even if it's raining.