Festival life
Brimheim is one of the musicians who made the leap from First Days to Final Days. It has created new opportunities – and a greater pressure – she tells.

By Rasmus Løwenstein, volunteer at Roskilde Festival's media house

Finally! Today is the day when we move from First Days to our biggest stages. But did you know that several of the names who played in last year's First Days program are moving with us? Blæst, eee gee, Brimheim has quickly gone from being tomorrow's talents to today's stars. 

We caught up with Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff, better known as Brimheim, to talk about the development she has gone through since playing on our Rising stage in 2022. 

From Brimheim's concert at Rising in 2022. 

And let's start there. With a newly released debut album under her belt, Brimheim won the hearts of the audience and critics, emphasizing one thing: she was ready for the next step. 

The time after the concert was followed by a significant renewed interest in the project and sold-out concerts. And we want more of Brimheim. So tonight at 23:30, she takes over Avalon. 

"It's an endorsement. Roskilde Festival tells me that I'm ready for the main program, and that means a lot," says Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff, whom we caught in the midst of the final preparations before tonight's concert. 

Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff calls Roskilde Festival an institution in Danish music that gives artists like her a big boost. 

"For me as a young artist, the warm-up days are some of the greatest achievements I can reach, and at that time, it was the biggest concert I had ever played." 

Greater pressure of expectations - from within 

The nerves were on the surface of the woman behind Brimheim in the hours leading up to the concert. But she could handle the test and more. 

"I'm sure that my performance at Roskilde Festival contributed to renewed interest and made it possible because you are seen by so many new people." 

But the new status as part of Roskilde Festival's main program and a greater interest from the audience also adds to Rebensdorff's own expectations of herself. 

"Since I played at Rising last year, I haven't released any new music, so I feel an extra great responsibility for it to be next level and not to do the same thing again." 

"This year, I have more experience under my belt, and the challenges and victories that have come with it make me feel more mature as a live performer and artist. There's a part of me that just can't wait to show and unleash it in front of an audience, but of course, there's also a part of me that wants to prove something." 

What can you expect from the concert if you come? She doesn't want to reveal too much but promises "a secret guest, an amazingly talented band, a setlist you can't shoot through, and a beautiful stage design." 

Brimheim plays on Wednesday at 23:30 at Avalon.