Roskilde Festival has been open since April 15th. No, really! At least for the volunteers in Dream City, who have built the "city of dreams on steroids." Meet a resident here.

By Julie Hindkjær, media volunteer at Roskilde Festival

"If you're looking for an orange feeling, you'll definitely find it in Dream City." 

That's something Emil Nielsen, one of Dream City's devoted inhabitants, proudly shares about the "city of dreams" that the Dream City residents have been constructing since April 15th. 

For the seasoned festivalgoer, Dream City is best known for its creative events and wild structures, ranging from a fire station with a DJ fire truck to the inevitable miniature tower of Copenhagen ZOO's landmark. 

Dream City has experiences for everyone 
For a newly hatched festival attendee, Dream City may seem overwhelming with its multitude of sensory impressions. However, the approximately 50 diverse and creative camps welcome everyone with open arms. 

"There's an entrance for everyone here because the events are in all directions. There's a sense of togetherness in how we ensure there's something for everyone," says Emil Nielsen, who has been part of Camp Bodega - one of Dream City's oldest camps - since its inception in 2014. 

Emil Nielsen has been a volunteer communication coordinator for Dream City since 2017, where he is responsible for communication, identity, and registration. 

Explore Dream City 
If you want to know what's happening in Dream City, Emil Nielsen recommends taking the whole journey from God Nabo to Zootårnet and exploring all the structures. 

"You have to be good at exploring because there are many small, fantastic camps that have really cool content during the daytime. So, there are many ways in, but you should definitely take the whole tour."