Eos and Gaia. Get to know the two names, because you are guaranteed to utter them many times during this year's Roskilde Festival

These are the names of two brand-new stages on Roskilde Festival 2023, which kicks off in less than two months!

Eos and Gaia will follow you and your friends throughout the festival and thus set the stage for great concerts with everything from tomorrow's stars in the First Days programme to powerful names such as GloRilla, Adekunle Gold, Armand Hammer, Dry Cleaning and First Hate. And then the stages will continue the legacy from the previous stages Pavilion, Mantra, Rising and Countdown, which we are bidding farewell.

We're expecting a sold-out festival. Hurry up and grap your ticket!

But where can you find Eos and Gaia? How big will they be? And what do they look like? 

Illustration. Changes in the production may occur.

Let’s start by entering the covered Gaia Stage, which will be located south of the Orange Stage. With a capacity of 2,000 audiences, Gaia is synonymous with both intimate experiences and the large, kaleidoscopic energy discharges that wash away sonic extremities. Here you can experience, among others, Brazilian Bala Desejo, Son Rompe Pera's marimba and cumbia punk, the Ghanaian highlife legend Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and the experimental British pop duo Jockstrap. 

Listen to everything that happens at Gaia right here: 

Illustration. Changes in the production may occur.

After a short walk west, you'll find the open air stage Eos, taking over from its pyramid-shaped predecessor Rising. Like Gaia, the name Eos is taken from Greek mythology, and here Eos takes on the role of the bringer of light, suggesting hope and a new beginning. You will find the Eos stage just east of the walkway between Camping West and Camping East, and the new stage will be home to both rising stars such as Ida Laurberg and Zar Paulo and, later, names such as Sweden’s Léon, the rap phenomenon GloRilla and the Belgian electropop duo Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupol. 

Listen to everything that happens at Eos right here: 

Are you ready for more news? Then look forward to tomorrow at 11.30, when we can announce the entire schedule for Roskilde Festival 2023!