Festival life
Mark the RF24 dates in your calendar and become part of Roskilde Festival's fantastic community year-round as a volunteer or a member of Orange Orbit. 

It was wonderful to be together again.

Thank you for making this year's festival a such a festive, loving, and unforgettable event.

Thank you for dreaming and for creating a truly unique community - and for celebrating music, art, utopias, and hope for the future. And thank you for taking good care of each other.

Community all year round

Next year's festival will take place from Saturday 29th June to Saturday 6th July. We are already excited to share much more.

If you sign up for our newsletter, you will not miss the first announcements and ticket sales when we return in the autumn.

But we don't have to part ways just yet.

Because our fantastic orange community unfolds year-round - both in the real and virtual world. 

By joining our online community, Orange Orbit, you can look forward to cool experiences, influence, discounts, pre-sale, and backstage stories all year round.

The price is DKK 150 per year (which equates to only DKK 12.50 per month). 

If you are curious about volunteering, you can put your name on the list now. We will then get back to you when we open the registration for volunteers for RF24. 

The next time you hear from us is in late summer, when the activism caravan Flokkr On Tour visits Ungdommens Folkemøde, Folkemødet Møn, and our conference and artistic festival GRASP.

We hope to see you there. 

Have a fantastic summer!