Festival life

And the award goes to: the entire Roskilde Festival community as a tribute to 50 years of charity and volunteerism.

Have you in some way or another been part of the Roskilde Festival community at any point in your life since the festival's inception back in 1971?

If so, then you just won international festival honors.

Tribute to volunteering and charity
The jury behind the European Festival Awards (which is a bit like the Oscars of the festival industry) has decided to give this year's Lifetime Achievement Award to the entire Roskilde Festival community.

Here are the jury's words about our very special festival community:

"Since 1971, the Danish nonprofit festival has brought together generations of young people around music, art and community. Every year, about 130,000 participants join the famous 'Orange Feeling' at the 8-day long festival moving into a festival city built on love, nonprofit values, and sustainability. All profits from the festival are donated to humanitarian, non-profit and cultural work for the benefit of especially children and young people."

The Lifetime Achievement Award is quite special.

In the past, the award has been presented to individuals in recognition of their dedication, know-how and lasting efforts for the European festival industry.

However, this year's Roskilde Festival was also a special event. We could finally come together again and celebrate the unique community that we have built through 50 festivals.

Thank you all for your continued support and dedication.

Check out the nominees
After a couple of dreary years with pandemic and cancellations, the European Festival Awards finally return in all their glory to the Dutch city of Groningen on 18. January ’23.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was just a small preview of the event. So head to their website and check out all their awards, where you’ll also find that Roskilde Festival is nominated in no less than seven categories. Yeah!