It can feel overwhelming to find a quiet area in the vast festival grounds

By Vera Francine Claver, intern at Roskilde Festival

Luckily, we've teamed up with Nickie Zinckernagel from Orange Together, who works to involve festival participants and volunteers in preventing offensive and boundary-crossing behavior. She will guide you through the festival's little breathing spaces.

"There's so much happening at the festival, so it's important for me to take some breaks too. In the camping area, there are several options to retreat. The area around the swimming lake and Fiskesøen is a good place to relax, and the agora areas are often calm in the morning. There's nothing worse than waking up in a sweltering tent early in the morning. Many people bring a mattress and take a little morning nap in the shade."

"If you need a break between concerts, there are also several breathing spaces in the inner part of the festival grounds. Between concerts, I like to sit in the shade at Stables or under the trees in The Garden between Orange Scene and Avalon. This year, I'm also looking forward to playing board games and eating plant-based food with my friends at The Hangout. It's the large hall between Avalon and Gloria," says Nickie, and continues:

"There are also several calm experiences in the programme. Take a trip to Gloria's foyer, which Lise Haller Baggesen has transformed into an embracing universe of textiles, sound, and dance. You can also attend oyster meditation at Food Is Now, and there are several performances.

Nickie lists Jules Fischer and Josephine Opsahl’s sensual queer performance at Platform as just one example. 

You can find plenty more calm spaces in the map and soothing events at Platform and Food Is Now in the schedule.