Where will you be staying? Where will your adventure take you? And where are the new scenes located, actually? The map provides answers to many questions. See it here.

The map is here! Finally, you can see where all the excitement is happening, and you can get an overview of where you and your friends will be staying in the large camping city.

Download the map.

If you're staying in community camping or special camping, go east. However, if you're opting for the regular type of camping, it's located in the west (and remember to prepare your arrival here).

In Camping West, you also find the Re:Act stage which explores the role of hip hop and poetry in both major and intimate human rights struggles. In the same area you can get your pulse racing or achieve inner balance at Stadion, where you can participate in yoga, morning runs, sports tournaments, and so much more.

If you need a place to let loose, look to the east. In the hills near Agora F, a large colorful square has been drawn. It will become the world's largest painting AND dance floor (at 2000 square meters!), created by the German artist Katharina Grosse.

Eos and Gaiathe two new stages that operate throughout all festival days, including the First Days – are both located east of the railway tracks. Eos is just on the other side of the railway tracks, while Gaia is north of the Clean Out Loud area in Agora F. In East City, you'll find our modern assembly hall, Flokkr (see program here), and in the same place, you'll also find the Science Pavilion.

If you have taken advantage of our rental offer for camping products (tent, pavilion, or air mattress), you can now see where to pick them up.

These are just a few highlights of the multitude of offerings that this year's Roskilde Festival has in store. Download the map, zoom in, and then start exploring the large areas, discovering how packed they are with things that call to you. You can almost hear the call already.

You can also find the map in our app, where we have added a bunch of nifty features.

Download the map.