After more than 20 years with Rom & Cigarbar, the old festival favorite has been put to rest for all eternity. Well, not quite. It has been passed on to the next generation.

By Julie Hindkjær, volunteer at Roskilde Festival

A true festival institution has passed away. Rom & Cigarbar, which has been a staple of Roskilde Festival since 2000, is no longer. But the "meeting place for Roskilde Festival's old-timers" is not completely gone.

It's more of a rebirth. A generational shift. A renewal of the familiar range.

Rom & Cigarbar first appeared at the festival in 2000. 2022 was the final year for the popular bar at Roskilde.

Martha Borum has taken over the baton from her father, Claus Borum, and uncle Steen Hansen, who founded Rom & Cigarbar when the 21st century was only a couple of months old. The new bar is called Bar Tif, and she promises that you will still be able to feel the spirit of the cigar bar.

"It's the same tent that Rom & Cigarbar had, and we also use the same rum glasses. Many of the same volunteers who have been with us since the beginning are also part of Bar Tif. In my opinion, it's the people who create that good old atmosphere and vibe," says Martha Borum, who has been attending the festival with her parents since 1995. The year she was born.

"I haven't known a summer without Roskilde Festival."

Martha Borum is the bar manager of Bar Tif, located between Apollo and Eos.

Same setting and values from Rom & Cigarbar

Now Roskilde Festival will get to know Rom & Cigarbar's successor. And although Martha Borum has made an effort to create a bar that preserves the essence of its predecessor, there is still something new in store.

"Bar Tif has a greater focus on sustainability and organic options, and it is an aperitif and digestive bar that embraces some old traditions with the serving of spritzers, vermouth tonics, and port tonics. I hope to see the old regulars, and I also hope that new faces will welcome us warmly!"