Feel the rush of beats, bars and piercing poetry and gear up to defend your own and others' human rights when rappers, poets, dancers, and debaters take over our Re:Act location at this year's festival 

Over the first three days at Roskilde Festival 2023, we open the doors to Re:Act - a vibrant platform featuring experimental performances, inspiring talks, and workshops that explore the role of hip-hop and poetry in both major and intimate human rights struggles. 

Among others, you can meet Indian rapper Krantinaari, who skewers the patriarchy in India and raps for equality, and Cuban rapper David D. Omni, who raises his voice for freedom of expression and shares the consequences of the censorship he faces in Cuba. You can also witness YouTuber Peimi breaking down popular hip-hop verses and engaging in discussions about messages and style with the artists behind them. 

Re:Act gives sound and voice to your rights and equips you to defend others'. 

Re:Act is a collaboration between Rapolitics, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, and Roskilde Festival. This initiative is part of the Menneskerettighedsalliancen and is supported by Tuborgfondet and the OpEn-Puljen fund.

Confess your sins in our sound studio or seek shelter in The Mental Cuties Club's safer space by the Re:Act stage from Sunday June 25 to Tuesday June 27 at the festival.

Sound studio and safer space

At the Re:Act area, from June 25 to 27, you will also find our very own sound studio. The studio is open every day from 11:00 to 17:30, and there will be a producer ready to record your voice.

The studio can also be used as a confessional booth, where you can share experiences of harassment that you have either personally experienced, heard about, or even perpetrated on others. Of course, this will happen with 100 % anonymity. The producer cannot see, but only hear the person recording, and voice distortion can be applied according to the individual's preference. And yes... we have autotune, of course.

Between 11:00 and 14:00 from June 25 to June 27, you can also talk to The Mental Cuties Club about everything else that fills your mind when you're at the festival but often doesn't have space for open discussion.

Nothing is wrong, too big, or too small in The Mental Cuties Club! It's a place where you can express all the feels. You will be met with equal parts curiosity, understanding, and presence. When The Mental Cuties Club is not at Re:Act, they visit the campsite and spread positive energy throughout Roskilde Festival. The Mental Cuties Club is an award-winning podcast about vulnerability and neurodiversity, founded by Thurea Al-Rahbi. It's a community that brings together mental cuties through the podcast, Instagram, TikTok, and live events.

Here are all the acts that you can experience on Re:Act:

Alessandra Gigi Staunstrup • Amy Sarr • Misfitz • Peimi, Mundo De Carlo & Nøx • Krantinaari • Turning Tables Danmark ft. Shakala, Tay & Papaye • Caspar Eric • Silhouette, Q.Marzi, Kaka og Funch • Another Life • House of Arts & Yellow World • David D. Omni • Elbanovic, Elais Ben Afia, Den Lette Gade, Conradi & Akapelle • Manila Ghaufuri • NADA • Tarick (talk) • Yukka (talk) • Hamorabi • Ham Den Lange, Klaskefar & Fabeldyret

Take a look at the Re:Act schedule here or in your Roskilde Festival app.