Festival life

Every day, The Danish Red Cross Youth works to help young people who are in contact with the psychiatric system. You can help support the preventive and social efforts through the purchase of your festival ticket.

Would you like to help young people with psychological vulnerability? Then choose a Making a Change ticket.

Making a Change works just like a full festival ticket, but it includes a donation of DKK 200 in addition to the regular price.

The full donation goes to The Danish Red Cross Youth’s efforts to help young people in the psychiatric system.

Establishing a haven
Kara Djurhuus, who is responsible for Roskilde Festival’s donations and NGO partnerships, says that the number of young people in contact with the youth psychiatric system is increasing every year.

Some are treated on an outpatient basis, while for others, being in hospital has become a regular part of their daily lives.

According to Kara Djurhuus, Roskilde Festival supports the efforts out of concern for the decline in wellbeing among young people.

Year after year, surveys into well-being show that young people are doing worse than the last time they were asked. They feel lonely, stressed and vulnerable. The Danish Red Cross Youth creates youth-to-youth communities and a break from vulnerability for young people in the psychiatric system. And as a festival, we know the powerful effect that a community and a haven can have. This is why we want to support the project,” explains Kara Djurhuus.

The Danish Red Cross Youth
The Danish Red Cross Youth is the country’s largest humanitarian youth organisation. It is a volunteer, social organisation that works for and with children and young people in Denmark and all over the world. You can read more about the organisation

Youth cafés as a haven
The Danish Red Cross Youth collaborates closely with departments on youth psychiatry all over Denmark. In part, this is done through youth cafés, which provide a haven where negative speculations are replaced by feelings of joy, community and freedom.

In the cafés, the young people can have experiences that are independent of the department, staff and their parents. Together with others of the same age and the volunteers at the cafés, they can enjoy a break from their disorder and play games, watch movies or just hang out.

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