It's easy, inexpensive, and best for the climate if you use public transport to and from the festival. Check out your arrival options here.

Every festival begins and ends with a journey. You need to leave home, and one day you'll need to return.

So, how can you most easily travel to and from Roskilde Festival?

Our recommendations: Arrive by train, bus, bicycle, or on foot. Because public transport is better for the climate than arriving by car, and a brisk bike ride is good for both you and the Earth.

Therefore, we have these options to you:

Photo: Preston Drake-Hillyard

Take the direct train
Talk about being driven right to the door! That's actually what the train does. You can hop on the festival train, which takes you and your friends from platform 7 at Roskilde Station to Camping West in three minutes.

Departure time Roskilde Train Station Arrival Roskilde Festival
Departure 1 09:56 10:00
Departure 2 10:18 10:22
Departure 3 10:56 11:00
Departure 4 11:18 11:22
Departure 5 11:56 12:00
Departure 6 12:18 12:22
Departure 7 12:56 13:00
Departure 8 13:18 13:22
Departure 9 13:56 14:00
Departure 10 14:18 14:22
Departure 11 14:56 15:00
Departure 12 15:18 15:22

Once you've arrived, you can exchange your ticket for a wristband and enter the festival city.

The shuttle train runs at approximately 20-/40-minute intervals, and you buy the ticket from the staff on the platform. Price: 25 kroner per trip. However, please note the special conditions regarding Early Entry on Saturday, June 24th.

During the festival, you can take the night train directly from the festival grounds to Copenhagen, and when the festival ends, the train runs towards the capital every half hour until Sunday around 14:00.

You get the best overview of your options for arriving by train on DSB's special festival page.

... or hop on the bus
With Flixbus, you can travel from the largest cities in Denmark directly to Entrance East. And when the festival is over, you can also ride back home. Check out your options at flixbus.dk.

If you're taking advantage of Early Entry on opening Saturday, you can also take the bus directly from Hillerød Station to East Camping. The price is 105 kroner (including Early Entry), and you can choose from six departure times. Purchase the ticket in our webshop.

Every day, our shuttle buses take you from Roskilde Station to the festival site. The first departure kicks off on Saturday, June 24 at 15:30, and thereafter the buses operate round the clock. You can purchase your ticket on the bus. The price is 30 kroner.

Photo: Preston Drake-Hillyard

Free bike parking
If you bring your bike, you can park it north of the site at the North entrance, and you'll also find larger bicycle parking areas at the East and South entrances and next to the skate park next to Camping West. Parking your bike is free.

Roskilde Municipality also sets up drop-off stations for city bikes from Donkey Republic at our bicycle parking lots. This means that you can easily start or finish a bike ride on one of the city's orange city bikes very close to the festival site.

Share your car
And if the car happens to be your only option, we recommend carpooling. You'll find parking lots in East, West, and South. The prices vary depending on the distance from the entrances, and you can pay for one day or the entire festival period. Check out the parking options in the shop.