Festival life
Our programme is beaming with talks that contribute to sparking brand new conversations in the campsites. Our Head of Art & Activism, Jude Bennett, is here to help you identify some of the important talks you shouldn't miss out on.

By Marie Hvingelby, media volunteer at Roskilde Festival

But before we dive into the many debates and talks on the schedule, you need to hear why it is good for you to sit in the grass and listen to some strong voices: 

"Hopefully, participants will leave the festival with a sense that they can do something," says Jude Bennett.

"It's an opportunity to feel like a part of something, and that's what we are at Roskilde – we are a community. So it's about enriching that community. Hopefully, participants will leave the festival with a sense that they can do something." 

Climate activism and prima ballerina  

"One of the highlights is a climate activist talk with four young women, each fighting for climate justice from different perspectives, such as indigenous rights and land protection, where the white global north is taking everything. And they are already feeling the effects of it." 

Although it is a serious topic, you can also experience a theater director and a prima ballerina from the Royal Theater creating a story alongside the talk – so it's not just a talk or a call to action. 

Where and when? Climate Justice Talk, Arena, 12:00 on Saturday 1 July. 

Get even closer to this year's musicians 

"For the talk about freedom, we're working with some of our music acts like Babak Vakili. There are many artists on the lineup who have a lot to say through their music, such as Liraz and Melodi Ghazal. For us, it is also about enriching the participants who want to feel connected to them or the young activists we work with." 

Where and when? The significance of music for the Iranian fight for freedom, Avalon, 12:00 on Friday 30 June. 

You don't have to wait until Friday to experience exciting talks. Down in East City, you'll find the Flokkr stage, which has brought talks to festival-goers during the warm-up days for the past six years, creating opportunities for immersion. Here, you can listen to Bedside Productions' talk on the future of pornography, as well as talks and workshops on poetic criticism of the system with Glenn Bech and Gry Stokkendahl Dalgas. 

This year, you can find talks at Flokkr and the Flokkr containers, as well as Re:Act and Food Is Now. Check out all the talks in the schedule!