The Danish hip-hop phenomenon is back and will be closing the Arena stage this summer! Their concert at this year's Roskilde Festival will be the duo's first in six years.

They're back! Ukendt Kunstner, the groundbreaking Danish hip-hop duo consisting of Hans Philip and producer Jens McCoy, pulled the plug six years ago, but now the duo is amping up for a new era. Their album "Dansktop" was released on Friday out of nowhere, and this year’s Roskilde Festival will be your very first chance to experience the brand-new album live.

And it will also be the first time in six years that the two will share a stage. How are we commemorating such a unique event? Well, we’re awarding Ukendt Kunstner the task of wrapping up the Arena stage on Saturday night, July 1st! The closing concert at the Arena is the ultimate culmination of our festival, and with "Dansktop" in their repertoire, Unknown Artist will deliver a show that also looks towards the future!

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But the new album is not the only thing that Ukendt Kunstner will bring to this spectacular finale of the festival. The duo will, of course, also bring their three albums "Neonlys," "Forbandede Ungdom" and "Den Anden Side," released between 2013 and 2016, which are regarded as groundbreaking works within Danish hip-hop.

With Jens McCoy's atmospheric and bluesy productions and Hans Philip's heartfelt lyrics about the temptations of the spotlight, the desperation of youth, and the downside of popularity, Ukendt Kunstner has helped pave the way for a new sensitivity within Danish hip-hop. And their musical fingerprints can be sensed in artists like D1MA, Tobias Rahim, and Ussel, who you can also experience at this year's festival.

Since Ukendt Kunstner stepped out six years ago, Hans Philip has taken the torch as a solo artist and established himself as one of the great songwriters of his generation. He also graced Roskilde's Arena stage in 2019, where he delivered a magical concert that ended with an awe-inspiring rendition of Ukendt Kunstner’s hit "Langt væk" (Far Away).

It is fitting, therefore, that Unknown Artist is now resurrecting on the Arena stage, which they will close with their nocturnal vibes on the festival's last day. Expect to be awed again!