Are you ready to let your dreams unfold? At Roskilde Festival you can envision your utopia and bring your dreams to life.

Roskilde Festival 2023 represents a new beginning. But this is something we will tackle during the next 50 festivals – and we will do it in a world in chaos, shaped by wars in Europe, inflation, the escalating climate crisis and a whole generation of young people that increasingly feels dissatisfaction with life and a lack a faith in the future.

Evidently, there is a dire need to inspire hope and confidence and to show that change is possible. We all need a new beginning.

New topic: UTOPIA

For this reason, over the next few years, Roskilde Festival will focus on how we can inspire and strengthen our ability to envision – and hence create – a better future. 

We call it UTOPIA. We believe that the vision of the best future is a prerequisite for creating the turning point we need.

With UTOPIA, we want to promote new visions of the future and bring dreams to life! This will be done through art, partying and communities and through the way we create things and interact at the festival.

UTOPIA is an approach that sets the framework for the content of the programme, the food, the way we construct and organise our festival town – and the way we interact in the festival’s community.

An inspiration and a challenge for the whole festival community
It is not just about envisioning how things could be different. It is also about bringing those visions to life. About living them. Sensing, feeling the effect on our bodies, seeing, hearing and perceiving. About testing and experimenting. Daring to make mistakes so as to improve. Together. 

UTOPIA is therefore also a challenge and an inspiration for the entire festival community. Where do we ourselves need to change direction? Could things be different? How will we contribute to creating radical change?

What if ...