Friday is upon us, and Blur, Rosalía, Christine and the Queens, and a bunch of other acts are waiting for you today!

Let's celebrate that we're exactly halfway through the Final Days program with a little guide on how to recharge your batteries – and then let go of your energy!

The festival of the future on display

Start your day with a stroll around our Bazar area, built from recycled wood, old ventilation pipes, and green plants. This is where the visions for the festival of the future sprout, and you're helping nurture the ground. In the Bazar, you'll find, among other things, the experiential area called Food Is Now, brimming with activities (explore here), and the Do Good Market. You can also sit in the grass and put on a pair of headphones if you need to enjoy some silence.

Get swalloeed up by music and large textiles in a tranquil oasis

You've probably already noticed it. This year, Gloria's typically raw foyer has undergone a makeover. A very loving one, indeed. The foyer not only opens up physically to the rest of the festival city but also to you, who are in need of a sanctuary. Lise Haller Baggesen is responsible for the transformation, and just before noon she presents a performance that envelops you with sound, choreography, and large textiles.

Where and when? Performance with Lise Haller Baggesen and others, at 11:45 in Gloria's foyer.

Vital talk at Avalon

Around the corner from Gloria, you can take part in a sort of world premiere at Avalon. It's actually the first time that Avalon's stage floor is being used to house a talk, and it's not just any talk. Three artists with Iranian roots will talk about the significance of music in the Iranian struggle for freedom. Listen in and gain a better understanding of the Iranians' very current fight for freedom.

Where and when? Talk: Woman, Life, Freedom with Liraz, Melodi Soltani, Babak Vikali, and moderator Aram Ostadian-Binai, at 12:00 at Avalon.

Expect a parade of celebrity guests at tonight's JammJam concert at 17:00!

Communal sing-along at Platform

You can also take part in a communal canon at Platform, where the Danish/Scottish composer Clarissa Connelly connects folk music traditions with an innovative musical approach. And she means it when she says you're invited to join in—you can actually start learning the lyrics to one of the songs here. Nothing fills you with energy like joining in and singing along with a bunch of other lovely festival attendees.

Where and when? Clarissa Connelly's Canons, at 16:25 (and again on Saturday at 9:00 p.m.) at Platform.

Stardust over a massive jamfest

You may have already heard, but we'll gladly tell you again. It's going to be a star-studded jamfest at Orange Stage at 17:00. The unique American concept JammJam returns after last year's concert at Arena, and this time you can experience Christopher and Lukas Graham, who will show up and perform with a band consisting of Ida Nielsen (longtime Prince bassist), Anderson .Paak's backing band Free Nationals, and drummer Chris Dave. And there's a good chance more familiar names will appear!

Where and when? JammJam ft. Free Nationals, Chris Dave, Ida Nielsen & Friends.

Here's a playlist with everything you can listen to at Roskilde Festival today!