Good morning! It's Monday, and you've probably already heard: all the sunshine and warmth we've been spoiled with so far will be interrupted today by heavy rain and strong wind.

The rain is expected to arrive around 14:00, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), so make sure you and your camp have taken precautions. For that reason, our recommendations for today's best experiences start in a slightly different place: with a dose of weatherproof advice.

Keep an eye on the app and social media

Regardless of what the weather brings exactly, secure the tarpaulin in your camp, give your tent pegs an extra firm knock, and remember to help others around you. If there's anything else we need to tell you, we'll send you a push notification in our app, and you can also stay updated on social media.

In case of thunder, here is our guidelines.

Late in the afternoon, it's expected to clear up, so here are a few early and late recommendations for your Monday. At the end of our recomendations, we've gathered a playlist will the music playing today!

Roskilde, are you RRRRRrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrRRRRReady?!

You can hardly have missed the gigantic MeWe construction towering over East. At 11:30., the artist behind MeWe, Claudia Comte, invites you to a fast-paced and competitive chainsaw performance at the same location. You might be wondering what a chainsaw performance is. Do you really want not to find out?! The Swiss artist has invited not one, but two teams of lumberjacks. It's gonna go something like this: RRRRRrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrRRRRR!

Hot Saw – Power Edition with Claudia Comte, at 11:30 a.m. in front of MeWe

Power positions and boundaries up for debate

You may have experienced it when going to nightclubs or attending concerts. Or maybe you haven't. But discrimination and lack of representation in the nightlife scene are widespread problems. A panel of influential figures from the music and culture industry will discuss solutions and diversity on the Re:Act stage, and with your input, we may be able to arrive at some sustainable solutions.

You can also read about more recommended festival talks here.

Panel debate: Representation in the music industry, at 14:00 on Re:Act

Lose your breath to young voices

Turning Tables Denmark entices with everything from melancholic tunes and dancehall to bass, wildness, and breathtaking rap on Flokkr, where young people from Copenhagen, Roskilde, and Brøndby Strand share their frustrations, dreams, and hopes through a concert. We promise that you will be moved, captivated, and gain insight into life worlds you might not have known about.

Concert with youth from Turning Tables Denmark, at 20:00 on Flokkr

Release all that pent-up energy

If you've taken shelter in your camp during the bad weather and find yourself full of pent-up energy as it's expected to clear up later in the afternoon, Roskilde Festival Højskole is here to help you release it. Musicians from the højskole invite you to a nocturnal live production of sound art starting at 23:00 in Oasen on Common Ground (F).

Aaaaand we're off! Take care of yourself and those around you – and start listening to today's playlist: