It's Thursday morning! How's the vibe in your camp and what are you talking about? Kendrick Lamar's MAGNIFICENT performance? Blæst's beautiful opening of Orange? Queens of the Stone Age's late-night concert, or something completely different?

We made it through 27 concerts yesterday, and today we're doubling the number, so there's no time to waste! Let's go!

Let this Thursday guide lead your way and hurry over to the festival grounds.

Follow the graffiti route around the entire site

Yesterday, you only had access to the inner area from 17:00. Today, it's open practically around the clock. The fact that you now have time and peace in the Inner Area means that you should take a walk and admire the kilometer-long route of wild and colorful graffiti created by Danish, international, upcoming, and established artists, gifted to you and all of us.

Need a place to start? Festival graffiti curator, Lars Pedersen, will guide you to the highlights.

Give your worn-out clothes and creative skills a boost

Bringing new life to your old clothes is not only good for the environment and the climate, it's also fun and easy. But that's not something the capitalist mindset tells you. Stine Victoria Hyan, the founder of Fresh.Maybe.News, wants to challenge that through the Redesign workshop at the Do Good Market. So drop by and boost your most worn-out festival clothes while finding new peace and confidence in your own creative abilities.

Danmarks Underholdningsorkester

A Danish institution on an experimental platform

When everything is just right at Roskilde Festival, you can often lose track of time and place, and now you have the opportunity once again to be carried away to a completely different world. Danmarks Underholdningsorkester (Danish Chamber Orchestra) is a unique orchestra in the Danish music scene, Platform is our experimental stage, and at 13:30, the two entities merge.

Danmarks Underholdningsorkester, 13:30 at Platform 

See life from an octopus' point of view

Imagine if your sense of taste was in your eyes. If you had eyes at the end of each finger. Or if you could feel the heartbeat of those around you! Our familiar senses form the basis of how we experience the world. Ocean Lab takes you on an entertaining and eye-opening journey beneath the ocean's surface. When you resurface, you'll see the world from an entirely new perspective.

Workshop: How Does It Feel to Be an Octopus? 13:30 at Food Is Now

Aaaaaand here's your playlist of the day!