Welcome to the best Wednesday in the world. Today, you’re finally stepping into the inner festival area, to Orange, Arena, and all the other legendary nooks and crannies.

That’s why we’re dedicating today’s guide to some of the most unique and gentle spots of the festival site.

A park like you've never seen before

While you've been enjoying the First Days, the young Irish graffiti artist Aches has put the finishing touches on a huge, colorful area near the stables close to Arena. It's the largest work of its kind in the inner area – it's practically become a park. Take some time off to explore it or stop by before you go to see Queens of the Stone Age, Rosalía, or any of the other acts at Arena.

Do Good Market

In the Bazar area, you'll find the Do Good Market, a very special trading area where we've invited new and small entrepreneurs, artists, and designers. So come by and be inspired by the many interesting entrepreneurial stories and new and exciting goods. You might even find a truly unique item to take home from this year's festival.

Experience Jules Fischer & Josephine Opsahl's queer performance at 17:30 today or at 12:30 on Friday at Platform.

24-carat eye-opener

A plethora of art forms blending together. That's what you'll find at Platform, which opens this year with a sensual queer performance by Jules Fischer and Josefine Opsahl and ends Saturday night with some of the wildest Danish electronic music you can find right now. In between, you'll find everything from canon works and choreography to Korean string instruments and high-octane concerts. Whatever you experience at Platform, you can be sure that a 24-carat eye-opener awaits you.

Caring oases

This year's festival also offers specially designed, caring oases in the inner area. Gloria's foyer has received a loving and embracing transformation by Lise Haller Baggesen, turning the normally raw backdrop into a meditative and soft universe. If you head southeast, you'll find Maria Nørholm Ramouk's tent-like structure crafted from plant-dyed textiles with traditional symbols.

You can find more festival oases in this guide.

Have a lovely Wednesday and enjoy today's playlist!