Thursday 4 July 2024
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Dazzling modern rock songs with intelligence, sensitivity, and a sharp bite

Actually, LA-based Sabrina Teitelbaum had already recorded a new EP with her project BAUM when she realized in 2020 that she didn't want to move further in the direction of that project's indie pop sound. Instead, she dived into isolation during COVID-19 to resurface reborn as the raw, rocking and raging Blondshell.

With her self-titled debut album, released in the spring of 2023, she combined a personal songwriting universe with a clear legacy from iconic alternative rock artists such as Liz Phair, Hole and especially Patti Smith. The alternative rock sound created a sparkling sonic framework for a scathing attack on patriarchal structures, but also for a search for a place in the world as a queer artist, with lyrical inspiration from writers such as Rebecca Solnit and Rachel Cusk.

Blondshell received superb reviews from leading media outlets, who saw a relevant and contemporary rock artist with sensitivity, intelligence, and a sharp bite. Simultaneously, she channels a nerve from a number of artists who have fought for women's right to express anger through music. If you like poignant songs with strong lyrics and raw guitars, Blondshell is a must-see at Roskilde Festival.