Friday 5 July 2024
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The modern rock heroes return to Roskilde with their life-affirming energy and epic songs

Massive hooks, powerful melodies and a brilliant team of musicians led by one of the most charismatic frontpersons in modern rock. Foo Fighters are ready to return to Roskilde!

What started as a solo project for Dave Grohl, who until then had been pounding drums in the generation-defining band Nirvana, has over 30 years grown into a unique institution in rock music. A band that manages to keep moving forward, while canalizing elements from the entire history of popular music into catchy songs. Classic guitar rock, anthemic choruses and noisy passages all come together, drawing inspiration from everything from pop greats like The Beatles and Bee Gees to punk and heavy metal heroes.

Live, Foo Fighters are known for delivering an epic rock party filled with energy and an unadulterated love of music. They have previously demonstrated this at Roskilde Festival, including their most recent and critically acclaimed visit in 2017.

Their concerts following the release of their latest album, But Here We Are, in 2023 have also received rave reviews, proving that they continue to provide a life-affirming communal experience which we can’t wait to take part in at the Orance Stage this summer!