Wednesday 3 July 2024
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The primordial depths of music are brought to life by a unique live orchestra

Seeing Heilung on stage is truly a total experience. An experience that not only transcends the usual concert format but opens a portal in time and brings ancient stories and musical primal forces to life.

Founded in Copenhagen in 2014 by musicians from Denmark, Germany and Norway, the project has captivated listeners around the world thanks to powerfully evocative albums like Futha and Drif, but most of all thanks to its unique concerts. Here, ambient electronic atmospheres join forces with throat singing and ancient instruments made from bones, skins and animal horns that evoke epic grandeur, dark atmosphere and a sense of being part of an archaic ritual.

Heilung themselves call their project "amplified history", but as Danish newspaper Politiken wrote in a superlative review of one of their concerts, they make the past point far into the future. Heilung's dark, alluring, and mysterious universe, which draws on stories and runic inscriptions from the Viking Age and further back, has especially delighted fans of metal and folk music. But everyone can have an experience they won’t easily forget when Heilung unite past, present and future at Roskilde Festival.