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Danish/Chilean reggaeton star delivers a hot-blooded dance party with a Nordic twist

Everything Is Reggaeton was the title of Danish/Chilean Ivan$ito's debut album from 2020. There was no doubt about where he stood genre wise. However, most critics also agreed that Ivan$ito hit the global reggaeton wave extremely convincingly, and Danish magazine Soundvenue did not hesitate to conclude that Denmark's first true reggaeton star had arrived.

Despite the English title of his debut album, Ivan$ito sings in Spanish, and he manages to hit the danceable Latin sound spot on, while a distinct Nordic melancholy helps him stand out. Already in 2021, he followed up the success of his debut album with $OLO MEMOS, and since then, he's been heating up the dancefloors at both Danish venues and international festivals.

In 2022, Ivan$ito also created quite a party at Roskilde Festival with his swaying rhythms and catchy melodies, and we have no doubt that the same thing will happen when the reggaeton artist, who recently released the single "No Llego Tarde", returns!