Saturday 6 July 2024
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Dystopian sci-fi, noisy post-punk and danceable beats all in one powerful package

With an exploratory musical approach, a taste for noisy soundscapes and a lyrical universe that is both poetic and political, Mandy, Indiana is a good argument that the legacy of British post-punk is alive and well.

The Manchester band fronted by French singer Valentine Caulfield began causing a stir in the underground in 2019, supporting the likes of Idles, Gilla Band and Squid. In 2023, the debut album i've seen a way finally arrived, and it fulfilled all expectations for the experimental band.

Recorded in unusual locations such as a parking garage, a cave and a gothic crypt, the album has garnered massive critical acclaim (including Best New Music on Pitchfork) for its simultaneously smashing and adventurous soundscape with danceable beats.

The band's name is a nod to the psychedelic thriller Mandy, and the music's smoldering moods and strange visions may be due to their professed love of dystopian sci-fi movies and cosmic horror. It's music that dances on the brink of society’s collapse. Brace yourself to dance along when Mandy, Indiana visits Roskilde this summer.