Friday 5 July 2024
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Brazilian pop sensation returns to Roskilde with her sensual universe

Marina Sena has quickly become a pop sensation in her native Brazil thanks to her sensual and catchy music that bridges Brazil's rich musical traditions with contemporary pop music.

The rest of the world has also taken notice of Sena, who, in the wake of her debut album De Primeira, visited Roskilde Festival with an amazing and critically acclaimed concert in 2022. In 2023, she followed up her strong debut with the album Vício Inerente, which has already spawned several hits. The album also cemented the fact that she possesses one of the most distinctive voices in modern Brazilian pop.

Undeterred, she continues to combine the legacy of 60s Tropicália and avowed role model Gal Costa with a sweaty blend of experimental trap beats, R&B, hip-hop and modern pop, infused with psychedelic atmospheres and ambitious productions. The result is highly addictive and perfect for warm summer nights. You're warmly invited to a sensual Brazilian pop party when Marina Sena returns to Roskilde.