Saturday 6 July 2024
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English icon returns to Roskilde with a new masterpiece and an incredible discography

For over 30 years, England's PJ Harvey has been reinventing rock and creating a unique catalog of personal songs while constantly challenging herself and seeking new paths.

From the raw, garage rock of early works such as Dry and Rid of Me to the gothic folk of To Bring You My Love and protest music reinventions of Let England Shake, she has repeatedly manifested herself as the epitome of artistic integrity. An integrity that has been rewarded with rave reviews and awards.

In recent years, she has focused primarily on poetry, including the long poem Orlam (2022). This poem also became the lyrical foundation for her album I Inside the Old Year Dying, which in 2023 marked a return to music after a long hiatus. The album, made in collaboration with John Parish and Flood, demonstrates that PJ Harvey is still searching for new paths, both in terms of lyricism, sound, and the very personal use of her voice.

PJ Harvey is an icon in constant motion. She has performed at Roskilde Festival several times. Most recently with an incredible concert in 2016. Now she finally returns with a new masterpiece and one of the most important discographies in modern rock music.