Friday 5 July 2024
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Romy (The xx) combines the euphoria of dance and melancholic dreams in beautiful pop creations

Romy's ability to create irresistible electronic pop tracks for both the heart and the body was strikingly exemplified when the English singer, songwriter and DJ dropped her first solo single 'Lifetime' in 2020.

It was grandiose pop that aimed for the sky, yet also firmly rooted in electronic club culture. "Emotional music to dance to", Romy herself has aptly called her music. Previously, Romy made a name for herself as an acclaimed DJ, songwriter for artists such as Dua Lipa and, not least, one of the leading members of the indie band The xx. And in 2023, Romy at long last released her debut solo album Mid Air, which really established her as a solo artist with hits such as "Loveher", "Strong" and "Enjoy Your Life".

These songs are almost hymn-like celebrations of life, love, and a queer community, but they also reveal a great vulnerability in the middle of the dance floor, conveyed by a dreamy and melancholic voice that floats above elements of trance, house and electropop. Now Romy is ready to fill Roskilde with her intoxicating, thoughtful and emotional pop songs that will get both feet and hearts dancing.