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Total experience of techno, black metal, and death rave from Japanese cult band

Extreme music comes in many flavors, but there's little that resembles the Japanese cult band Violent Magic Orchestra, which emerged as an offshoot of the dark collective Vampillia. The band members are named after classic Norwegian black metal bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem and Emperor and collaborate with the likes of Pete Swanson (Yellow Swans), Chip King (The Body) and Attila Csihar (Sunn O))))), Mayhem), which gives a good indication of their penchant for the extreme and noisy.

However, the band is also influenced by techno, industrial and rave culture and has been described as Kraftwerk playing black metal. But the trashy beats and extreme tempos of gabber music also come to mind when you're churning through Violent Magic Orchestra's universe, where the live music is accompanied by an orgy of strobe lights, smoke, and visuals.

Violent Magic Orchestra have stunned listeners at legendary techno clubs like Berghain and major metal festivals alike and are currently working on a new album aptly titled Death Rave. And indeed, a death rave awaits when they visit Denmark for the first time at Roskilde Festival!