The festival
A completely new version of our iconic orange main stage is designed to accommodate the grand productions of the biggest artists.

It's true. We are in the process of developing a brand-new Orange Stage.

The plan is for the new stage to be ready for the festival in 2025.

It is perhaps no surprise it is a large and time-consuming task to create a completely new version of our iconic orange main stage.

A stage that has towered in the middle of the festival grounds every year since 1978.

Bigger and more contemporary
We put the current version of the Orange Stage into use back in 2001, and it deserves to be retired by now.

Why? Because with a new version of the stage, we will be able to offer a larger and more contemporary main stage for the benefit of artists and the audience.

The dimensions will better accommodate the grand productions of the biggest artists, and it will be better at bringing together a massive community in the central square in front of the stage.

Built to last for many years
The plan is to create a stage consisting of two parts: One part is a 24-meter-high covered steel structure intended to stand permanently at Dyrskuepladsen in Roskilde.

The other part is the orange tent canvas and the tall masts that complete the stage's unique appearance every summer.

The two-part construction also means that Dyrskuepladsen in Roskilde will have a new covered stage area that can be used year-round for other events - and for many, many years to come.

A fixed foundation structure also means that we no longer need extra space for storage or transporting heavy steel parts.

Adjustment of the local plan
You cannot simply build a permanent stage on Dyrskuepladsen, which belongs to Roskilde Municipality.

That kind of thing requires an adjustment to the local plan for the area.

Several political committees in Roskilde Municipality will examine this in week 49, and the Roskilde Municipality Council will consider the local plan on December 20.

We look forward to telling you much more about the development of the stage.

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