Brace yourself for emerging rock sensations, pop icons, progressive voices from across the globe, and a full-scale, epic Orange Stage rave: 23 more acts have been revealed for Roskilde Festival 2024! 

Have you started gearing up for Roskilde Festival and a whole week in the ultimate festival city filled with non-stop concerts and the best parties? We have! Have you bought your ticket yet?

You already know that we've announced Foo Fighters, PJ Harvey, Kali Uchis, Romy, and many more, right? Well, guess what? Today we're adding 23 more acts to the mix!

But before you move on, hit play on our official Spotify playlist, which is overflowing with the tunes you'll be jamming to live this summer:

Now, let's dive in. Norway's biggest pop star right now, Aurora, the irresistible indie-pop group Alvvays, the iconic Róisín Murphy, and hip hop's sassy new star Sexyy Red are just a taste of what's cooking in today's lineup.

Furthermore, we're rolling out the red carpet for a rave of epic proportions at the Orange Stage as we announce the American DJ and producer Skrillex, who has been on fire throughout 2023. He has released no less than two albums and been on an almost dreamlike club and festival tour both solo and alongside close friends and former Roskilde guests Four Tet and Fred again..

Influential voices from across the globe
Today, we're reaching all corners of the globe: from the popular Swedish folk-soul band Dina Ögon in the north to Mali's new Tuareg star Kader Tarhanine in the south, from the Honduran reggaeton party-starter Isabella Lovestory to Vietnam's critically acclaimed rave explorers Ran Cap Duoi.

But wait, there's more! Today's announcement is a feast of artists who have put out some of the best releases of the year. Poet and singer-songwriter Kara Jackson has astounded anyone with a soft spot for folk, blues, and soul-searching lyrics with the album Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love, while Noname returns to the festival with the critically acclaimed new album Telefone in tow. Add in Welsh duo Overmono and the American-Korean hit-maker Yaeji who, in each their own way, blend 90's rave vibes and compelling techno with pop and deep emotions to perfection.

Swipe through all 23 new names below:
Aurora 2
Skrillex 2
Alvvays 2
Noname 2
Rhiannon Giddens 2
Róisín Murphy 2
Sexyy Red 2
Bar Italia 2
Dina Ögon 2
Eartheater 2
Estee Nack 2
Isabella Lovestory 2
Julie Christmas 2
Julie Pavon 2
Kader Tarhanine 2
Kara Jackson 2
Kvelertak 2
Lalalar 2
Overmono 2
Pil 2
Ran Cap Duoi 2
Shovel Dance Collective 2
Yaeji 2

Take a look at the line-up, where you can explore all the announced names, read descriptions, and listen to more music.

Also, remember to purchase your ticket. You can choose between full festival tickets and single-day tickets, but you can also make a significant difference by buying a Making A Change ticket, supporting the Danish Red Cross Youth's preventive and social efforts for young people in psychiatry. With the Making A Change ticket, you donate 200 DKK, which goes entirely to the Danish Red Cross Youth.

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