The festival
The Special Camping areas Get A Place and Get A Silent Spot are all sold out. But don't worry, there are still plenty of ways to elevate your festival experience. Discover your options, before they sell out!

Updated 2 February: All Get A Silent Spot is now sold out.

The Special Camping areas for Roskilde Festival 2024 went on sale Wednesday morning and were quickly snapped up, resulting in the Get A Place, Get A Silent Spot, and Sleep-In Buses areas being declared sold out shortly thereafter.

Were you able to secure your ideal spot? If so, kick back and get ready for an unforgettable week filled with music and camaraderie.

This guide is for those who are still searching for their dream spot. There are still numerous options available for a tranquil arrival at a reserved campsite, partying with consideration for your neighbors and surroundings, or staying in a place that values a good night's sleep.

Plenty of enticing deals still available

Being well-prepared for the festival—sorting out camping gear, deciding what to listen to, and planning where to stay—is essential. You can still secure your accommodation in Special Camping. With Rent Your Tent, you can arrive to a pre-pitched tent and you can still find great options for camping in our shop. But hurry up - our last camping spots are selling out fast. 

Explore all the options here.

Green and clean camping

The camping site includes six Community Camping areas. To stay here, you and your group need to apply, and it won't cost you a thing. Join a memorable and responsible community.

Each Community Camping area has its own theme, but the shared commitment to keeping the area green and clean remains constant. Does this sound like a fit for you and your group? Learn more here.

Volunteer and stay in Volunteer Camping

Finally, there are approximately 30,000 compelling reasons to become a volunteer at the Roskilde Festival. You'll be one of the 30,000 individuals contributing to the festival's creation, whether by building it, maintaining its charm, or keeping the party alive.

Your commitment is rewarded with a festival ticket, and it also provides the opportunity to stay in Volunteer Camping, where everyone is a volunteer, and where quiet nights are essential. Everyone who has signed up as volunteers can book a spot in the Volunteer Camping from 1 May, and you will also receive an email before we open for registration.

Volunteer Camping is situated in the green areas around the western end of the festival site and is free for all volunteers.

Does this sound appealing? Check out all available volunteer positions.