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You can now purchase your Special Camping product for Roskilde Festival 2024 and apply to stay in one of our green Community Camping areas.

If you wish to enhance your already wild festival experience at Roskilde Festival 2024, look no further! You can now order Special Camping from our shop, where you can rent a pitched tent, reserve a spot for your camp or caravan, or book a Tenthouse with a little more luxury. The areas are:

Rent Your Tent (read more)
The name says it all. Arrive at the festival to a pitched tent waiting just for you

Get A Place (Sold out) (read more)
Arrive to a reserved area for you and your camp

Get A Silent Spot (read more)
Reserve a spot while becoming part of a clean and quiet camping community

Tenthouse (read more)
For those who want a little more than just a regular tent

MC Camping (read more)
Book a special area for you and your bike

Caravan Camping (read more)
For those who wish to spend the night in their campers or mobile homes

Sleep-in Buses (read more)
For those who want to arrive by bus and sleep in it

Handicamp (read more)
A dedicated campsite that caters to people with disabilities

See the map indicating the locations of all Special Camping areas

Don't forget your ticket!

Book your Special Camping product in the shop now.

You'll need a Roskilde Festival profile to complete the purchase. Of course, you also need a festival ticket to make use of your Special Camping product. Buy your ticket here.

Join a fantastic Community Camping neighborhood

It is also possible to apply to stay in Community Camping, which consists of six different areas built around special communities, each with its own green theme and unique way of celebrating together. Here, you are guaranteed memories for a lifetime, and it won't cost you a penny to apply for Community Camping.

In Community Camping, we live centrally, participate in fantastic neighborhoods, and celebrate while keeping Roskilde greener. All it takes to live here is that you are ready to contribute to a more sustainable festival culture. Therefore, we encourage everyone to apply to stay in the area.

We have six different areas with green themes. We confidently guarantee that they are all fantastic places to live and party, each with its own unique way of celebrating. The areas are:

Roskilde Roadtrip (read more)
Roskilde Roadtrip is for everyone traveling from abroad to Roskilde Festival. Whether you travel alone or in a larger group, you have the opportunity to form a community across borders.

Clean Out Loud (read more)
Our oldest green area, leading the fight against waste since 2011

Dream City (read more)
Our user-driven city within the city, where residents build imaginative structures, throw big parties, and clean up together.

Common Ground (read more)
Common Ground, hosted by Roskilde Festival Folk High School, focuses on humanity and greener solutions.

Leave No Trace (read more)
Here, all camps can develop, share, and implement their wildest ideas about sustainability, the environment, and communities.

Settle'n Share (read more)
Settle'n Share is located in the southeast corner of the campsite and is based on the idea of sharing with the surrounding community and keeping the area clean.

Remember to read all terms before applying to a Community Camping, as the application deadline and rules vary.

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Rent your festival gear now

Finally, one last thing: avoid carrying heavy camping equipment to the festival. Instead, rent it from our shop. You can rent tents, pavilions, air mattresses, and camping chairs—all of good quality at an affordable price.

That way, you don't have to buy cheap, inferior equipment from discount stores, and we avoid it becoming litter on the campsite after the festival.

In other words, everyone wins. Even the climate.

Find all rental products in the shop.