The Endless Race is about the relentless and accelerating hustle of youth life that many young people struggle with today. The runners will help us find hope for the future.


What's the purpose of rushing on a treadmill for 24 hours?

There is no purpose. It's pointless.

That's the point.

On Thursday, October 5, we turn on the treadmill – and the streaming camera – in the centre of the Central Station in Copenhagen.

We do this together with our friends from The Danish Red Cross Youthheadspace and Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse.

The run doesn't stop until 24 hours later. Many of you will get the opportunity to take a sprint on the treadmill. You decide how fast the pace should be.

We guarantee that no one will move from the spot. You just become exhausted.

We call this happening The Endless Race.

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When do you get a break?

The Endless Race is a symbolic comment on the constant pressure and the countless battles that young people have to fight today.

We hear too much these days about loneliness, about the high pace of everyday life, about feeling excluded, about performance pressure in school, and low self-esteem.

You must run faster for results, presentations, and the meaning of existence.

Expectations are rising, worry for the future and its crises weigh down, the pressure increases. The poor well-being accelerates.

You lose your breath.

No one can withstand that in the long run.

When do you get a long-needed break?

Donations to communities

But The Endless Race is not just a call out. It's a call to action.

On the same day, we open for applications for donations from the festival proceeds.

We want to donate up to 10 million DKK to associations and initiatives that create meaning in youth life through creative and energetic communities among children and young people.

Communities where you meet in everyday life and make a difference together.

Because it is a collective responsibility to create hope for the future.

No one can lift that task alone.