We'll turn on the treadmill and livestream Thursday at 12:00. See how you can keep up with a 24-hour spotlight on the accelerating race of youth life. If you join us at Copenhagen Central Station for at 30 minute run, you'll receive a gift card and a goodie bag as a thank you for your effort. 

When do young people get a break? And how do we collectively create hope for the future?

These are some of the questions we ask when we turn on a treadmill in the middle of the Copenhagen Central Station along with our friends from the Danish Red Cross Youth, headspace, and The Green Youth Movement.

The run begins on Thursday, October 5th at 12:00. 

We're calling the 24-hour-long happening The Endless Race. 

We're putting the spotlight on the accelerating race of youth life. 

A life where you have to run faster and faster for results, performance demands, and meaning in existence. 

A life where we must avoid running out of breath. 

Here's how you can participate in The Endless Race:

Run on the Spot 

We have available spots on the treadmill.

Sign up as a runner via We’ll get back to you with timing and all other practical details. You decide how long and how far you want to run. Running gear is not necessary.

You can also stop by the Main Railway Station in Copenhagen to cheer. If you feel like a spontaneous run, just ask the hosts when you can get a spot on the running list.

Everyone who runs for at least 30 minutes will receive a Ticketmaster gift card worth 500 DKK (which can be a contribution towards your RF24 ticket!) and a festival goodie bag as a thank you for your effort.

Stream the Entire Race 

We're live-streaming the entire 24-hour sprint so you can follow the race from home. During the stream, you will meet volunteers from the Danish Red Cross Youth and headspace, who share their stories and experiences with well-being and youth life.

You will find links and the program here on the page and, of course, in all our social channels Thursday morning.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for an eventful 24 hours.

It will be moving, surprising – and definitely quite fun and sweaty for all you runners.