Do you want to help focus on the relentless and accelerating hustle of youth life that many of you struggle with today? Then you should take a turn on the treadmill at The Endless Race on Thursday, October 5, at the Central Station in Copenhagen. If you run for at least 30 minutes, you will receive a gift card and a goodie bag as a thank you for your effort

On Thursday, October 5, at 12.00, we turn on a treadmill right at the busy Central Station in Copenhagen.

We will not turn it off until 24 hours later.

We are naming this event The Endless Race – and you can join!

The Endless Race is a symbolic comment on the accelerating hustle of youth life. A life where you must run faster and faster for results, performance demands, and meaning of existence.

Together with our friends from The Danish Red Cross Youthheadspace and Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse, we ask:

When do you get a break? And how do we create hope for the future together?

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Now you might be thinking:

Can I join? And do I need to be in top running shape?

The answers are YES and NO.

If you are curious to engage in an important societal issue, we would like to invite you to the event.

Here's how you can run in The Endless Race:
  • Sign up as a runner right here and now via We will get back to you with the time and all other practical information. You decide how long you want to run. Remember: No running gear – because it's a meaningless run.
  • Come by the Central Station and cheer and help focus on the cause. If you feel like a run, just ask the hosts when you can get a spot on the running list.

Everyone who runs for a minimum of 30 minutes will receive a TicketMaster gift card worth 500 DKK (which can be a contribution towards your RF24 ticket!) and a festival goodie bag as a thank you for the effort.

It will be an eventful day. As soon as the first runner steps onto the treadmill, we turn on the camera and live-stream the entire 24-hour sprint for the benefit of all of you out there in the world.

Along the way, you will meet associations and people who are actively working to create strong and meaningful communities among young people.

You can meet other young people who share their experiences with having wellness challenges close to life.

It will be touching, surprising, and probably quite sweaty for all you runners taking one for the team.

We look forward to seeing as many as possible at The Endless Race.