The festival
Now you can paint your Roskilde blues orange! We are launching a selection of our official merch in the shop.

Are you starting to feel the weight from the cold weather and your ongoing Roskilde blues? Or have you started planning what to wear for RF24? Well, we've got you covered!

As something new, the first part of our official RF24 collection arrives a bit early this year. Whether you're into flashing those massive guns of yours with our short-sleeved tee or zipping all the way up, these threads will make you feel like summer is on its way.

Shop the first release from our collection here.

A milestone painted in orange

The first part of the collection includes two different T-shirts and a hoodie, so you can choose the best variant for you and your festival wardrobe. For the first time, we've chosen to produce these stylish T-shirts in our very own signature color, enhancing your orange feeling throughout the winter.

Whether you're planning to let loose in the pit, stroll around on the green festival grass with your best friends, or if you just want to get into the Roskilde vibe a little early, we guarantee that you'll look razor-sharp!

So, if you're already at home and partying to the official Roskilde Festival playlist or just dreaming of festival, dancing, and community, then you don't have to wait any longer to immerse yourself in the Roskilde feeling. You can buy your new favorite shirt in our shop here.