Why did we invite young people to run in place for 24 hours? Watch the film about a rather pointless run and get the answer here.

"I panic. I have a panic attack. And then I cancel all my plans."

This is how one of the young runners in The Endless Race described their experience of the accelerating pace and pressure of youth life.  

We hear far too much about young people's loneliness, the high pace of everyday life, performance pressure in school, and low self-esteem.  

That's why we placed a treadmill in the middle of Copenhagen's Central Station and invited numerous young people to run on the spot for 24 hours. 

The Endless Race was our way of creating awareness about the ceaseless — and unfortunately, often meaningless — race for results, performance demands, and purpose in life. 

See how the 24 hours on the treadmill unfolded here: 

Donations for children and young people

Thankfully, we can make a difference together to combat this discontent.  
We will donate up to 10 million DKK from the festival proceeds to associations and organizations that create hope.  

Organisations that strengthen community among children and young people in everyday life.  

We’re talking about funds that you, as a festival participant, helped raising.  

Thank you so much to those of you who followed the live stream during The Endless Race, and all of you took a turn on the treadmill or cheered from the sideline. A special thank you to The Danish Red Cross Youth, headspace, and The Green Youth Movement, who supported the event.